Saturday, March 29, 2014

I love you because we hate the same stuff..

March Madness .. That's what I had, blessed with three wonderful concerts, the Neighborhood, Imagine Dragons, and John Legend. 
The Neighbourhood was good, I did have a moment where I thought I was a little old compared to the rest of the crowd. But who cares... there is nothing better than a loud Saturday night surrounded by music and people.
This girl is not afraid to travel for a concert, adding Denver to my list of musical destinations. Special thanks to the cousin for toughing it out during our Imagine Dragons adventure.  . I'm so glad you finally got to see what I was talking about. Radioactive..  NO JOKE!
If anyone has the opportunity to see John Legend.. DO IT!  From start to end he was fantastic. The man can belt it out, play the piano, and work a crowd. Also for my Vegas people if you get a chance to go to the Smith Center do it!  The combination of the artist and venue places this concert experience was I'd say top 10 for me...

the Neighbourhood House Of Blues  3/8/14

Imagine Dragons Pepsi Center 3/15/14

John Legend the Smith Center 3/27/14

"I love you because we hate the same stuff." Mix 5 2014

Big shout out .. once again to Karla Vega for putting me onto St. Vincent.  Also for those my age I snuck in the Smiths . Here is a challenge: if you can tell me of TWO covers that exist of  HOW Soon is NOW? out there  a special  treat will be yours. Here is a hint for one.. it was used in a popular show that is no longer running but starred Alyssa Milano... the other will take some work . While on the British invasion topic I am currently OBSESSED with the 1975 no real reason other than I just am. So let me know what you think..  feel free to send me what you are listening to, hating , loving, inspired by. I'm always looking for MORE...

The Man  Aloe Blacc
Miss Missing You  Fall Out Boy
Come Along  Vicci Martinez & Cee Lo Green
Goodbye (Radio Edit) [feat. Islove]  Glenn Morrison
Pressure  The 1975
How Soon Is Now?  The Smiths
Worlds Away  Strange Advance
Think of You  MS MR
Young Blood  The Naked and Famous
Digital Witness  St. Vincent
Sleeping With a Friend  Neon Trees
Coming of Age  Foster the People
Strong  London Grammar
Out Of Bounds  Amanda Marshall
Pray You Through  Sixteen Cities
Someday?  Concrete Blonde
Lanterns  Birds o/f Tokyo
The 1975 - You //