Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"We will walk these streets and think of little elves'

April brought some amazing music love for me Thank you so much to Karla, Jess, Rhi for going along with me this month for musical adventures.

the 1975 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 4/14/14

Started the month off with the swoon worthy the 1975 at the Brooklyn Bowl.  I must say thank you and sorry (not sorry) to Karla for having to deal with my squealing. There was nothing I did not love about the show, a heady mix of teenage angst and boozed up sex sums up this band. You know you are in for a show when the lead singer walks on stage with a bottle of wine in hand and proceeds finish it before the show is half over. It reminds me of doing all those things I swear my mother didn't know I was doing...falling in love with music, running wild,  getting into fights and chasing boys. Also I found a note worthy opener White Lies !!! Fantastic .... They make an appearance on this month's mix.

Rhi & me!

O.A.R Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 4/24/14
Let's talk about the Brooklyn Bowl.. umm AWESOME.  It's fairly small venue but oh so much fun. Part bowling alley, bar, and concert venue. It's intimate and cozy.  So this leads me to the second show O. A. R.  Although many of my friends have loved them for years, this is the first time I've gotten to see them.  O. A. R. is one of those bands that throws down a feeling of a college . Just a bunch of guys hanging out singing songs and drinking some beer.  Thanks to Rhi and Rene for a fun night out .
04/18/14 House Of Blues Las Vegas

The best for last.. I know I'm going out of order But Bastille was a show stopper. From beginning to end this is possibly the BEST show I have seen in my life. That is a huge statement. I was not alone in that feeling Jess (the cousin) my concert partner in crime was along side me was left in shock at what we watched unfold in front of us.  The show itself was crafted perfectly,  from stage lighting, song arrangement, and presence. All on point. Not only do I have immense love of the musical talent of this group, I was in awe of the ability to preform better in person than any recording I have heard of them. I could ramble on for days how this show made me feel repeating the same sentiment till I am exhausted of words.  This is what I love about music, the feeling this show gave me is why I'm willing to stand in a crowd of strangers over and over just to get a glimpse of something like this happening.. 


 SO till next time ...

Mix 6 2014
 We will walk these streets and think of little elves

Ain't It Fun  Paramore
All of the People  Panama Wedding All of the People
Bloodstream  Stateless
Dreamers  Savoir Adore
Find a Way  SafetySuit
Find You (feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant)  ZEDD
Getting Even  White Lies
Hold On  Colbie Caillat Hold
Lies  Trifonic Emergence
Ocean Wide  The Afters
Rather Be  Clean Bandit Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)
Reverse  SomeKindaWonderful
Thunder Clatter  Wild Cub
Tonight You're Perfect  New Politics
Venice  The Lighthouse and The Whaler
Warm Water  Banks
Weightless  Black Lab
The Wolf  The Cinema

Always any comments, recommendations, things you think I should be including let me know!