Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo..


Life is Beautiful !!!

I have had busy ears this January. I have been immersed in trying to revisit the past , enjoy the now, and leap to the future. I managed to mash together two cd's this month. The first cd yields the fruits of this exploration. I am particularly intrigued by Bad Suns  just something grabbed at me when I came across them. Also we have new Zac Brown Band from the Ghrol Sessions. SO it's no surprise I was giddy with joy when  Zac Brown and Dave Ghrol joined forces!!!! 

The second cd is inspired by a  British show called My Mad Fat Diary. This show is about a slightly odd 17 year old girl set in 1997 who is obsessed with music. Well hello have we met?  How do you know me so well?  The music in the show transports me back to hanging out  listening to music,  running wild with the guys, and other mischief we won't get into . This is just another reminder of how music not only shapes you as you grow but can take you right back to that time and those feelings!  I hope this finds your inner 17 year old and tells her/him to turn the music up !!

I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo- Capital Cities
Salt- Bad Suns
Scene of the Crime- Placebo
Haunt- Bastille
In My Arms- Plumb
Hurricane- The Fray
Can You Hear Me Now- Jetta
The Crooked Kind- Radical Face
Sad Song- We The Kings
Satellite- Tyrone Wells
Day For the Dead- Zac Brown Band
The Cure- Avalon Landing
Dead In the Water- Ellie Goulding
Mystery track!

Sabotage-  Beastie Boys
Voodoo People- Prodigy
Morning Glory- Oasis
Missing- Everything But the Girl
To Wish Impossible Things- The Cure
Fade Into You- Mazzy Star
High and Dry- Radiohead
The Chemistry Between Us-  The London Suede
Ocean Pie- Shed Seven
Movin' On Up- Primal Scream
I Wanna Be Adored- The Stone Roses